Sapper Hill Hike – Yukon, Dempster

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Yukon - Dempster - Engineer Creek Summit View


Sapper Hill Hike – Yukon, Dempster

Sapper Hill is a hike rather easy. This is not an official one, so there are no marks, neither at the beginning nor on the trail, but it is short and the path is easy to follow. There is a possibility of parking just before (coming from Tombstone) the bridge of Engineer Creek. Then you have to cross the bridge and the hike begins just right after the bridge. depending on the amount of vegetation, you might have to seek the trailhead. When I was there, there was a dead tree trunk, fallen, which blocked the trailhead.
It had been raining the day before so it was pretty muddy, the trail being used as a “gutter” for the rain from the top. The walk to the summit is not interesting, it remains in the woods. It’s only when arriving almost to the summit that we discover the rock formations of the peak and then the view.

As you can see from the map below, I’m not quite gone to the top, but there was little interest to go further. The view could not have been better really.

I arrived late in the evening, around 9 pm, and the light was perfect for watching the mountains chains nearby. From the top you have a beautiful view of the two valleys, in fact almost a 360 ° view of the surroundings.

It’s a nice break I recommend on the way to stretch your legs 🙂

Topographic Map

Sapper Hill Map


Hike Description (round trip)

  • Track length:  3.5 km
  • Duration: 2h30 (without break)
  • Vertical ascent: 300 m
  • Departure altitude: 600 m
  • Max Altitude: 900 m
  • Maximum slope: 18°
  • GPS Data (GPX track log) to download: 2015-06-28_SapperHill.gpx

 Elevation Chart

Sapper Hill Chart



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