4 days, 3 guys and 1 Westfalia – From San Francisco to Santa-Cruz

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1. Road Trip from Hayward to Santa Cruz !

After being picked up at San Francisco airport by my driver (Thanks David!), we met Simon at his workplace before going home, in Hayward. After a small beer to relax, we started to load (unload in my case) our backpacks for these 3 days in Westfalia California on Route 1, along the Pacific coast.

Departure at sunset and first morning in a campsite on the beach.

Nor much success for these 2 surfers on this first beach ! So, back on Road 1, further South towards Santa Cruz.

They finally have been able to surf ! And me tanning, with the spent I spent on the beach taking pictures, or just doing nothing 🙂

On the way back, we stopped at a small beach to watch the sunset. We walked on the rocks at the edge, it was nice and quiet ... until a huge wave hit on the rocks and us! I was taking a picture (of course!), I did not even see the wave, but the scream of David allowed me to turn around just in time and to put my camera under my coat. We were all soaked to different degrees, and we went back to the Westfalia to dry.

2. Sonoma and San Francisco

We came back almost smoothly with the Westfalia, but at a fairly low speed. We still arrived early enough in the day to go to Sonoma in the Nappa Valley, to taste some Californian wines. We went to 2-3 tasting rooms, unfortunately no vineyard. Overall we were a bit disappointed by the quality, but we still had a great afternoon. As a bonus, we all left with a beautiful drawing of Maya, the daughter of a couple who accompanied us.

For David last night, we went out for dinner in San Francisco always guided by Simon\'s very generous roommate. After a good Mexican meal, we made a quick tour of some famous places by nights: Lombard Street and Golden Bridge that we have even crossed. The next day it was only resting and preparing the luggage. Before dropping David to San Jose airport, we made a small tour through the Stanford campus ... it\'s awesome!

And finally, my last day, a race against time to visit most of San Francisco in about 6 hours. Here is my itinerary:

As I had my flight at 7 pm, I had no time to go home between Simon\'s city tour and departure for the airport, so I decided to leave my bags in a locker at the airport. At the airport, I don\'t see any lockers, but at the information counter, the person tell me where could leave my bags, not even for a minute do I think to ask the price ... the result is 25$ per bag! So 50$ to keep my bags for a few hours, that\'s the price of peace ...


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