An Afternoon in Point Roberts

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Point Roberts Beach - Summer Chairs and Winter Coats

Point Roberts Beach – Summer Chairs and Winter Coats

Point Roberts

I recently spent an afternoon in Point Roberts with a friend. Point Roberts is that small part of a Canadian peninsula that belongs to the United-States, at about 40min drive from Vancouver. It means that the only way to go to this parts of the US (by land) is by driving through Canada! There is not much to do there, it’s a quiet little town with a beach and a park, yet, a lot of Canadians regularly cross the border. The reason: in order to pick up a package from the US. Several small companies started, specialized in receiving US packages for Canadian residents. It was actually the reason why I was going there 😉

There are a lot of advantages of doing so:

  • ordering products not available in Canada
  • products cheaper than in Canada
  • less sales tax than in Canada
  • cheap or often free delivery
  • no border fees or import taxes

And how much it cost? These companies ask about 3-4$US for 1 package (unless oversized or overweighted). You can subscribe online, and you just have to bring a authorization form to them the first time you come to pick up a package. Here are some of the companies:



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