Black Mountain and Eagle Bluffs Hike

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View from Eagle Bluffs

Vue depuis Eagle Bluffs

Black Mountain and Eagle Bluffs Hike

To start this summer hike season, I stayed close to Vancouver. The trail head of this hike is on Cypress mountain, at the ski resort, at about 45min by car from Vancouver.

It’s a pretty short hike about 3h for 9 km (5.6 miles). If you want to shorten the hike, you can only go to Black Mountain, which I do not recommend, or only to Eagle Bluffs. The trail is very well marked, easy to follow on the ground, with marks on the trees and signs at the intersections, and when the trail is to dirty, you will have small footbridges to help go through.

The start (and the end) of the hike is the most difficult part: it’s a pretty steep and very stony track, so be careful not to slip on a rock, especially while going down. The rest of the hike is easy with short ups and downs until Eagle Bluffs. This part of the track is mainly soil with more or less tree roots. At the end of June, there was no more snow, but some very muddy parts. There is only one other more challenging uphill slope, it’s the one to reach Black Mountain, on about 200m.

You can choose to do Black Mountain before or after Eagle Bluffs. I did it after, but I recommend the other way: the view is much nicer from Eagle Bluffs, so you will find nothing interesting in Black Mountain if you do it after ; and if you do Black Mountain before, you will be done with all the tiring uphill climbing, so the return from Eagle Bluffs will be faster and easier.

  • Track length: 4,8 km (9,6km total)
  • Duration: de 3 à 4h
  • Vertical ascent: 500m (aller-retour)
  • Departure altitude: 900m
  • Eagle Bluffs altitude: 1050m
  • Black Mountain altitude: 1200m
  • Maximum slope: 19°
  • GPS Data (GPX track log) to download: 2014-06-21_2_27_45_PM_BlackMountain_EagleBluffs.gpx


Black Mountain and Eagle Bluffs Hike Map

Black Mountain And Eagle Bluffs Hike Map


Dénivelé de la randonnée

Hike Elevation Chart


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