Drumheller, Dinosaur Capital

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Drumheller, dinosaur Capital

Drumheller is a small town in Alberta, 1h30 northeast of Calgary. The city has no architectural appeal or really no attraction as such, but it is located in the heart of a region known for its canyons and land rich in dinosaur fossils. As the years passed, the city has developed its reputation and is the base camp for numbers of travelers. To celebrate this, the tourist information center has built the largest dinosaur in the world and became the capital of the dinosaurs 🙂

Drumheller T-rex World's Largest Dinosaur

The city initially had a tourist attraction about dinosaurs, the “Prehistoric Park” on the initiative of the artist Tig Seland. Shortly after the opening of the new museum “Royal Tyrrell Museum” in 1985, the “Prehistoric Park” was closed and all the statues have been installed across the city. The Royal Tyrrell Museum now hosts more than 375,000 visitors a year.
There are about thirty statues throughout the city, here’s a few:

The city flourished economically thanks to the coal industry in the early 1910. The last mine “Atlas Coal Mine” closed in 1979, it is now classified as a historical site that you can visit: http://www.atlascoalmine.ab.ca/.
The city also erected a memorial in honor of the deceased miners.

Drumheller Coal Miners Memorial



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