Manitoba – Winnipeg

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Manitoba – Winnipeg

July 29th

I woke up around 10 am in this beautiful scenery made of gray and blue, which is Wal-Mart. The only advantage (besides being free) is that I can go to the bathroom and brush my teeth easily, evenings and mornings 🙂

My first activity of the day was to go to the Winnipeg farmer’s market … it was small and disappointing. It seems there are more vendors on Saturday. I bought some vegetables, bread and pastry. Then I returned to the city centre. I thought naively I could find a free place to park and without time limits, a little outside the centre, but after driving around for 20 minutes, I resigned myself to pay $ 6 for 3 hours in an Impark parking lot.

First, I went to a coffee shop and use the Internet, until 4 pm. Then I walked into town for almost 2 hours by making a large loop until 6 pm. After that I was hungry, so I searched a burger restaurant. I chose the Boon Burger that had great feedback. Once inside, it proved to be a veggie restaurant! I stayed, and I haven’t been disappointed, even though my craving for meat was not satisfied 😉 Once done eating, I wrote a bit in my notebook.

Around 8:30 pm, I went back in the neighbourhood to take pictures, and finally as the street was quiet, I decided to stay there to sleep in my car, rather than returning to Wal-Mart.

July 30th

In the morning, I continued my exploration of the city essentially walking in and around the National Historical Park “The Forks”.

Around noon, I went out of town to relax at Grand Beach. It is a small village about 100 km north of Winnipeg. It is located on Lake Winnipeg, on the southeast shore and offers a long natural sand beach. I spent a few hours there walking along the lake, basking in the sun and swimming a few times.

Back to the car around 5 pm. Shortly after, I left Winnipeg and Manitoba for Ontario. On the road, I stopped at Whiteshell (still in Manitoba). I hesitated to stay the overnight, but there were no interesting hikes and it was not late, so after a short break at the edge of one of the first lakes, I continued my way to Ontario.


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