Ontario – Kakabeka Falls, Sleeping Giant and end of the Road Trip

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Ontario – Kakabeka Falls, Sleeping Giant and end of the Road Trip

August 1st

I arrived just at the opening of the park, there was no one on the parking lot. I walked around the falls, took some pictures, but unfortunately there were no trails to explore more. The falls are quite impressive without being exceptional. They measure only 40m high, but are almost as wide, and with the rain from the previous days, there was a lot of water flow.

Then I went up to the Terry Fox Memorial. A beautiful esplanade above the highway overlooking Lake Superior, where I had my breakfast. I didn’t stay very long and left in the direction of the Ontario Sleeping Giant Park.

Sleeping Giant is a peninsula in Lake Superior, about 70 km east of Thunder Bay. The park offers over 100 km of hiking trails for all tastes. I chose one of the hardest hikes, doable in less than a day, climbing to the top: the “Top of the Giant”.
As I was not too loaded, I went with my low ankle shoes. The beginning of the hike is completely flat and in the woods beside the lake, and then for about 1 km it climbs steeply, before softening a bit until you reach the top of the plateau. Then you can walk from one edge to the other and admire the different views. The rock formation of the cliffs is impressive, in some places, you can evolve through the split boulders overlooking the lake. The view is gorgeous.
Climbing up went very well, but the return was more painful because of my knee, but also because of my shoes which gave me blisters. They are definitely not suited to the intense hiking.
Fortunately for my feet and knee, but unfortunately for me, it was my last hike!

Now heading to Toronto 1400 km away, where I will spend the entire month of August.
I went to the park 6 pm and I drove a few hours before stopping to eat and sleep on the side of the road.

August 2nd

Not much to tell about that day. I got up not too late to finish the 10 hours that separate me from Toronto, and I drove all day. Some portions of the highway along the lakes were beautiful, but most of the time I was bored 😉
To keep me awake, I had my music, of course, but I also had to think of a way to surprise my friend, who was only awaiting me two days later 🙂


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