Ontario – Kenora and Thunder Bay

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Ontario – Kenora and Thunder Bay

July 30th

Crossing the border of Ontario, I was convinced I was going forward one hour, but my phone did not change automatically. Initially, I thought of a bug in the phone.

It was not until I arrived in Kenora, it was probably 10 pm, and seeing the grocery store open, that I started to doubt. By checking on the Internet, I learned that Ontario is actually divided into two time zones. A small part in the West, from the border to Dryden, is at the Manitoba time (Central Time) and the rest is at time Quebec (Eastern Time).
The good side is that I was able to get a well-deserved meal, a hot grilled chicken 😀

Then, as usual, I went to sleep at Wal-Mart 😉

July 31st

I got up quite late and I left Kenora immediately to look for a more pleasant place for breakfast. I found a good spot a little further outside the city: a rest area, on the lake shore.

My next stop was around 1 pm, to eat on another rest area. It was very quiet, far enough from the road with a small river and a waterfall “Raleigh Falls”. After lunch I took a nap and I went back to Thunder Bay. Arriving in the city, I sought in the centre hoping to find some cool neighborhoods, but in vain. And then it started to rain. I left Thunder Bay to get closer to the waterfall, Kakabeka Falls, I wanted to visit the next day. I drove 30 minutes in torrential rain. It’s impossible to sleep on the falls’ parking lot, it is in a provincial park. But I was able to stay on the side of a small road in the village just up the hill before the waterfall.



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