Road trip: From Vancouver to Whitehorse

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Mehan Lake, BC, Canada

Mehan Lake, BC, Canada

I left Vancouver Thursday June 4th just after noon. Seven days and 2400 kms later, I am in Whitehorse, Yukon capital. It’s a lot of driving but not too crazy. It’s about 500 kms per day of driving.

Here is what has been my home for the past week and for the next two months:

I stopped only one day to hike in the BC regional park “Babine Mountains”, next to the village Smithers, I will talk about in detail in my next article.

The landscape has been changing a lot between Vancouver and Whitehorse. When living Vancouver towards Whistler I drove through the mountains for hundreds of kilometers. Soon after Pemberton, the landscape change to something more hilly with fields, cows and farms, then slowly, the mountains and snowy peaks come back. Most of the drive is in the forest, so the view is not great, but regularly the forest stops and let me observe the surroundings.

Here is what the road look like from Vancouver to Whitehorse:

The climate is also different, the temperature quickly got colder while driving north, despite the number of daylight hours increasing. Here in Whitehorse, the nights are currently about 6h long, and not really dark, and the days are 18h long. As for the temperatures, it’s about 17°C during the day and 4°C at night. It’s also very windy with weather moving very fast from sunny to rainy.

Across all these landscape, I saw a bunch of animals: groundhog, mule deers,

À travers tous ces paysages j’ai aussi vu de la faune et marmotte, biches, coyotes, porcupine, and bears of course … almost one every day for the last 3-4 days. My first encounter:

Let’s be honest, he really doesn’t that I’m here!

So, for now everything is fine, no issue with the car and I have been able to find free (and legal) spot to park and sleep every night whether I was in a city or on the road.

Next stop, Dawson!



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