Road Trip from Whitehorse to Tombstone Park

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From Whitehorse to Tombstone

Hi there!

I’m already on my way back from Inuvik, by I didn’t post anything for a while, so I’ll continue where I stopped last time, in Whitehorse to Tombstone Territorial Park (through Dawson City).

In total, there are about 640 kms between Whitehorse and Tombstone Park, including the detour to Dawson City. Coming from Whitehorse, Dawson is not on the way to the park, but it’s the closest city, and the 2nd biggest in Yukon, so almost everybody stop there for groceries and gas … and the city itself is pretty nice too.

At about 45 kms before Dawson there is a junction with a gas station. Go straight to Dawson or turn right (North) to Tombstone park, on the all gravel Dempster Highway 5. In Dawson, the road stops, you either have to take the ferry across the river and continue the road to Alaska, or turn around to go back to the junction, to drive North toward Inuvik.

The park entrance is at km 74 on the Dempster Highway (the junction being km 0). I have been surprised by the road quality, after all I had heard, I found it in a pretty good condition. Even though it’s a dirt road, it was very packed and almost no loose gravel. I still drove slowly, below the 90 km/h speed limit, and I arrived to the park safely.

The Interpretive Center is quite big, there are an exhibition and displays on the walls. The park rangers are very knowledgeable and can give you useful advices about hikes and the nature around. They also offer by donation (not mandatory) some warm tea made of local plants like Labrador. The first night I was there I went to a guided hike with a ranger and a few other people, focussed on the geology of the surroundings. The sun never really goes down, so it’s not a problem to start hiking at 7-8 pm, and the weather is often better at night.

The park campground is rustic, there is no water, so no shower, but each campsite is big enough for a truck and trailer, has a picnic table, fire pit and designated area to pitch your tent.

I have a video of all that drive to the park, but unfortunately the Wi-Fi in the North is not strong enough or not reliable to upload videos even in low quality, so you will have to make do with only my photos 🙂

I you have the time, leave a comment on your favorite photo!!

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest


Autoroute Klondike entre Whitehorse et Dawson City

Dawson City

Parc Territorial de Tombstone

To be published “soon”:

  • Articles about my last hikes in Tombstone and along the Dempster.
  • The next part of the road up to Inuvik
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