Saskatchewan – Manitou Beach and Saskatoon

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Saskatchewan – Manitou Beach and Saskatoon

I arrived in “Manitou Beach” from Regina, around 20h. I walked by the lake while calling a friend, then I looked for a parking place for the night. I found a quiet street at the east end of the village, with just a few houses and land for sale.

July 26th – Manitou Beach

Manitou Beach is a small town in Saskatchewan that stretches along the south shore of Lake “Little Manitou”. The village or the area have apparently not much nteresting, but it’s the lake, a salt lake, which creates this tourist attraction. Its water is known for its benefits and many people come here for a “cure”. The lake is often compared to the dead sea of Canada, extremely rich in minerals.

Unfortunately, Manitou Beach is currently facing a flood risk. The water of the lake is rising. A dike now protects the village, some games for children are flooded, the road and some buildings are under the water level of the lake. While walking, I spoke with a local, and he explained that this has been 8 years that the problem exists and the government is only doing the bare minimum. Too much fresh water enters the lake from the surrounding hills accentuated by increased precipitation. The route 365, reaching the east of the village has even been closed indefinitely.

I came to Manitou Beach for a relaxed day, to cut the trip between Regina and Saskatoon, and it was perfect for that. The sun was shining, I swam, enjoyed the lake shore to eat. A welcome rest.

I left Manitou Beach around 2:30pm toward Saskatoon. I drove to my friend’s place, Malika, at 4:30 pm and went to wait in a cafe. We spent the evening together, my friend, her boyfriend and their dog 🙂
After getting updated on the latest news, we ate and then we went for a walk in the “East River Landing ’Park.

July 27th-28th — Saskatoon

I have not really visited Saskatoon, apart from the neighbourhood where my friend lives. According to her and according to my little research, the city does not have many attractions as such. It must be said that the weather was not very good. We planned to go to a beach, but saw clouds and a few drops began to fall, so instead, we went to visit a friend of hers who lives just outside the city. He was alone with her daughter, Kaia, when we arrived, she was about 4 years old. The house is beautiful and surrounded by a large garden. Inside it’s pretty, toys, books and music instruments everywhere. They have a somewhat alternative lifestyle. In the end, I spent more time playing with Kaia (or her playing with me ??), while Malika and her friend gardened and chatted together. We left late in the afternoon.

I spent some time in a cafe, then I went home to eat with Malika. After dinner we both went to bed.

On the 28th, I woke up at 8 am to be at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park at 9 am. Malika was awake, so I went to have coffee with her and to say goodbye. I arrived at the museum around 9:30. It was still raining a lot. There were 2 exhibitions, mainly Aboriginal art. but also on past treaties between First Nations with the government about sharing the land. This shows how we took advantage of the situation. Despite the rain, I still followed an interpretive trail in the park.

I finished around 12:30 pm and after lunch, I drove to the Riding Mountain National Park. Arriving at the park, about 6 hours later, I got more information and a little break at the edge of a lake. And after reflection, I decided to leave and reach Winnipeg the same night, where I slept on the traditional Wal-Mart parking lot.


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