Saskatchewan – Visiting Regina

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Saskatchewan – Visiting Regina

I arrived in Regina just before sunset. I had the time to reach the Douglas Park and observe the sunset over the city from the Wascana Hill, while I was eating.
Unfortunately I could not stay in the park to sleep in my car, so I went on the less attractive Wal-Mart parking lot.

July 25th

I woke up around 8 am, my first goal of the day was to go to the farmers’ market, hoping to find something good to eat. I went by car, but I parked in a residential area just outside the city centre. It allowed me to see a little of the town by walking there. I arrived around 10 am at the market located around the Victoria Park. The market was not very large for a town of this size, but it was nice, and I did find good products. I walked around and took pictures in the city centre until 12:30 or so, then I went in a cafe to rest. I set my heart on the Atlantis cafe where I stayed a few hours: good espresso, comfortable chairs, outlets and Wi-Fi.

Then, I wanted to go see the oldest building in town, the RCMP chapel. Unfortunately, the access was forbidden because of the celebration of a private wedding.

A little disappointed, I left and drove to Wascana lake. I have not been all around but it already took me 1h30. Wascana Lake is an artificial lake created in the city of Regina in 1883 that serves as an entertainment place today (water sports and walks). Around the lake there are many parks, monuments and also the legislative building of Saskatchewan.

At 6 pm I was back at the car. I ate on a picnic table by the lake, and then I left the city for the village named Manitou Beach, about 200 km away.



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