Vancouver Fringe Festival 2013

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The Vancouver Fringe Festival 2013, ended late last week 🙁

It was two intense weeks and an unforgettable experience!

The Fringe Festival an alternative theater festival. The principle is simple, all shows are chosen from a lottery. To participate (as an artist) just pay to enter the lottery. No quality criteria, subject, duration …

And to attend to a show, when you don’t have the chance to be a volunteer, you have to pay to the festival membership ($ 5 – only once) and the price of the show. The organization that takes care of the festival is non-profit, revenues registration troops / artists in the lottery, the sale of membership, selling drinks at the bar and donations. 100% of the ticket sales go directly to the artists!

But Fringe is not just a Vancouver festival is an international movement. There are 10 Fringe Festivals in Canada, almost as much to the United States but also in Europe (not in France 🙁 ), Asia and Australia.

The version in 2013 in figures:

  • 20 stages (mainly on Granville Island)
  • 90 unique performances
  • 700 shows
  • 10 ou 12$, average cost of a show
  • 600 volunteers
  • 30 000 visitors

I had the chance to volunteer at the festival, that’s what made it a unique experience! Meet other passionate volunteers, artists, public interaction, and the little bonus: free shows … 🙂

My role? Rescue Ranger! It’s simple, I replaced offhand missing volunteers … and there are! I always had something to keep me busy: bar security, ticket seller, team leader; transported to the site by once car another time by motorbike.

I had 20 hours to do as a volunteer over 2 weeks, on top of my regular 40 hours work week 😉 So during the festival time my schedule was very simple: up at 6:30 am, work from 8 am to 4pm, festival at 5pm until midnight ish, sleeping from 1am to 6:30 am; with even more time spent at festival on Saturdays and Sundays 🙂

My favorite shows (among those I have seen): 6 Guitars, Naked Love, The Last Piece, Threads, Richard Tyrone Jone’s Big Heart.

Tous les spectacles que j’ai vu :

  • Scotch & Chocolate (Heather Fischer, Pipedream)
  • Radio :30 (Chris Earle)
  • Threads (Tonya Jone Miller)
  • Naked Love (Tiffany Anderson, Cory Haas)
  • Richard Tyrone Jone’s Big Heart (Richard Tyrone Jone)
  • Butt Kapinski (Deanna, Fleysher)
  • My High-Heeled Life (Katharine McLeod)
  • Sorry ‘Bout That (Julie Cohn, Angela Rai)
  • Exit (Guayoyo Creative Collective)
  • Hitler’s Li’l Abomination (Annette Roman)
  • In The Boudoir (Summer Shapiro)
  • Strapless (Strapless Comedy)
  • Unpossible! (Travis Bernhardt)
  • ZOMG (Jodie & Brent Nichols)
  • 6 Guitars (Chase Padgett Productions)
  • The Johnny Tomorrow Chronicles ( Michael John Unger)
  • Fat Mama Network (Black Jacq Productions)
  • 21st Century Tricksters (Screaming Turtle Performance)
  • The Last Piece (Little Basket Theatre Company)
  • Against Gravity (Mind Of A Snail)

More information about the Fringe Festival(s):



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