Vancouver Island North

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Two months after my first visit, when I was about to return to the island, here is finally my road trip story and my photos selection!

I enjoyed the week I had before starting my new job (June 19th) to start exploring Vancouver Island. As I had enough time I started with the most remote part, Vancouver Island North.

Here is my itinerary ... it's really not the most optimized, knowing that I could have taken the ferry to Nanaimo and save about 4 hours in total, but hey, that's what happens when I plan a trip at the last minute 😛


The departure of the ferry to Victoria, is from Tsawassen, 1h30 by bus from home, therefore it was impossible to take the first ferry at 7 am. Luckily I was hosting two CouchSurfers the night before, and they kindly agreed to drive me in exchange of staying an extra night 🙂

The crossing takes another 1h30, and then you have to take the bus to Victoria, with a 30min express bus. Hoping to save some time, I had rented a car at the airport, which is closer to the ferry terminal ... but longer to reach by bus ... another thing I did not know: P

In short, once I got the car I could start my journey. I ate and slept in the car during my 4 days on the island, not very spacious, but against all odds I still slept well!

Not much to write about the rest, my pictures speak for themselves, so I let you look at them 🙂

If you have questions, leave a comment!


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