Vancouver Island – From Victoria to Tofino

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For this second expedition on Vancouver Island, I went with three friends visiting from Quebec. Like last time I rented a car in Victoria, but this time I didn’t ventured in the North.

We visited the most touristy places of the island: Victoria and Tofino – Pacific Rim.

On the way we passed through Nanaimo and we stopped at Cathedral Grove in the “MacMillan Provincial Park”, home to some of the oldest trees (Douglas Fir) in the province.

About rainforest, it is believed they are in countries along the equator more than in British Columbia. Yet the forests of Vancouver Island, and even Stanley Park in Vancouver, are tropical forests.

Victoria, for the little time we spent there, seemed pretty quiet. The architecture a bit older than Vancouver, and with the absence of large and hight buildings, the city looks a bit more like Quebec City than Vancouver.

I could not say much about Tofino and Ucluelet. The only thing we saw was the campground in Ucluelet and a park downtown Tofino, sheltered by a gazebo, under a heavy rain.

We spent most of our time between Ucluelet and Tofino, in the Pacific Rim park, unfortunately it rained most of the time. But it didn’t prevent us from hiking a bit and hanging out on the beach. A beachfront under a rainy/cloudy sky, it’s also quite nice 🙂

And we were not alone, there were even a few surfers.

Et voilà les photos:


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